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Why CycleSound?

  • Superior, highly efficient speakers pre-set for outdoor use.
  • State of the art amplification, designed and built especially for CycleSound.
  • Light Weight, the CycleSound system only weighs 24ozs, or the same as a full water bottle.
  • The CycleSound system attaches right under the seat resulting in a great sound and good center of gravity.
  • The outer shell is made with water resistant nylon Cordura, just like the highest quality bicycle bags.
  • The CycleSound system clips on and off in just seconds.
  • Provides a built-in zippered compartment for your portable player (iPod, iRiver, Zen, etc.) making the CycleSound system totally self-contained.
  • Road tested for over three years, including 7 days and 500 miles on Ragbrai 05, 06 & 07.
  • Plays for 8 to 10 hours on 6AA alkaline batteries.

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